Reviews of the HTC Inspire 4G have been covered online now for about five years abut they never get old to the users of this particular smartphone. These users continue to replace HTC phone parts and accessories through affordable wholesalers like Injured Gadgets. This particular phone is a beloved choice because of its many quality features, including:

  • Thin
  • Well designed
  • Big screen

Thin Smartphone

The HTC Inspire 4G was designed to be thin, and this is a feature that consumers continue to like today. The strategy has been a success for many phone manufacturers. The thinness helps make for a lightweight phone that is not clunky to carry around. A thin phone can fit more easily into a purse or pocket than a thicker model.

Well Designed

This is a phone that functions well because of its carefully thought out design. It is solid and durable, while still being lightweight. Overall it has a great design, although it has been criticized for being lackluster. Of course, we would rather have a phone that carries out its functions well rather than one that has all the bling but isn’t performing optimally.

A Big Screen

If you want to see more of the videos on YouTube or another video platform, you can do so with the HTC Inspire 4G’s 4.3inch screen. It is big, and you’ll know you’re holding it when it’s in your hand. Get the screen that shows you everything without having to squint at it like with some newer phones.

But, if you should drop the HTC smartphone, you risk breaking the screen or damaging it in another way. Thankfully, you can repair the HTC phone cracked screen and parts online easily with Injured Gadgets at low prices for your Inspire 4G. The wholesale supplier also carries other HTC models, including the Sensation, One V, Incredible, First, Evo 3D, and Vivid 4G.

Are you wondering which one is better, the Motorola Moto X Play or Meizu MX5? We finally put the two smartphones to the test here by comparing their specs and features. Read on to find out which one won the battle.

Processor and RAM Comparison

The two smartphones are similar in terms of their processors. They are both respectable, which means that both phones have decent performance. As for RAM, Meizu MX5 has more RAM than does the Motorola cell phone parts. Having more RAM gives you a better experience for web searches and playing games.

Camera Comparisons

Both Motorola Moto X Play and Meizu MX5 have front and back cameras, but obviously, all cameras are not made the same. The rear cameras differ, with the Meizu one falling short of the Moto X Play model. Regarding front cameras, they are quite similar.

Other Details Between the Phones

In looking at the battery life of the two smartphones, we noted that Motorola’s phone has a longer lasting capacity than does Meizu. The advantage of a longer life between charges is that the phone will last longer on the go.

Also, the Moto X Play offers a water-repellent nanocoating on its body, which is a unique smartphone feature, which:

  • Makes it durable against light rain,
  • Protects the phone if you accidentally spill something on it
    Provides protection against splashing

Plus, the Moto model is customizable with almost 200 color combinations between the frame, front and back panels, as well as camera border. It is also lightweight.

Conclusions about the Better Smartphone

Upon analysis, Motorola Moto X Play wins out over Meizu MX5 as the better smartphone because of its supreme features, including longer-lasting battery and better camera combination. Should any damage occur to your Moto X Play, such as a cracked screen or speaker that won’t work, save money by getting wholesale and DIY Motorola parts from Injured Gadgets. The reputable supplier offers competitive prices on Motorola cell phone parts and ships orders within one day of purchase. Never settle for less than a top quality phone again!

CTIA Super Mobility 2016 in September

Posted: August 23, 2016 in Meetup

CTIA_Super Mobility

Injured Gadgets is the leading online wholesale phone accessories, parts and cell phone repair supplier; proudly announces that the company will be exhibiting at the CTIA Super Mobility 2016 tradeshow running September 7, 8 and 9 at the Sands Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada.

CTIA Super Mobility 2016 offers everything wireless in one comprehensive, forward thinking event. Wireless innovation is changing lives, business, and the future. At the Super Mobility 2016 tradeshow, visitors can connect with the people, technology and ideas that are shaping the future. Through extensive exhibits, enlightening keynotes and presentations, and exciting interactive smart experiences, attendees will be immersed in the future of a fully interconnected way of living.

Injured Gadgets will be exhibiting on the tradeshow floor at CTIA Super Mobility 2016 in booth #673. A leading online wholesaler of smart phone accessories, parts and repair kits, the company will be presenting the latest parts and accessories for Samsung Galaxy, Motorola Droid, and Apple iphones and ipad smart devices. Whether for replacement touch screen glass, cables, cameras or speakers, Injured Gadgets carries a wide selection of the best quality replacement parts for any smart device. The company also offers complete repair kits for people who want to perform repairs or service themselves.

For more information about the CTIA Super Mobility 2016 show or to register and attend, please visit

Best Accessories for Your Broken iPad

Posted: August 12, 2016 in iPad

Being the owner of an iPad tablet is a joy like no other for many reasons. For starters, you have what can be described as arguably the best tablet PC in the world. The device is a cut above the completion in many ways. For instance, the trademark Retina display produces crisp, vibrant colors that make watching movies and playing games a fun filled experience.

Moreover, there is an HD camera that lets you take high-resolution videos and photos without any hassle. However, what if your iPad gets broken due to a sudden fall, a slip from the stairs, or a sudden voltage hike during charging? In short, many things can go wrong with your iPad and the result of all will be the same, it will no longer work the way it did.

To address any of these issues, you need to look for the best accessories available for your iPad. Keep in mind that using cheap quality accessories with your device can cause it to malfunction.

Buy the Best Accessories from Injured Gadgets


If your iPad has somehow ended up in a mess, you need to get in touch with a quality supplier to get it repaired. For instance, if your iPad’s LCD is broken, you replace it with another one. The replacement screen will feature high-quality LCD glass, digitizer, complete assembly, and a range of available colors.

Operating Toolkit

Injured Gadgets is your one stop solution for all iPad accessories and tools. In addition, we also provide a high quality premium toolkit for repairing and replacing damaged parts of your iPad. Had a sudden fall and broke your iPad as a result? Now you can open your iPad and replace the damaged/ faulty part by yourself at home. In the meantime, don’t forget to buy the best iPad accessories form the best accessory provider in a town.

It’s easy to drop your smartphone accidentally, sit on it, or helplessly watch its screen crack via another situation. Thankfully, you can get parts and accessories for Samsung phones like the Galaxy Note Edge to repair the screen yourself and do so quickly when you choose a quality wholesale Galaxy Note Edge parts supplier.

Parts and accessories for Samsung phones: What You Need

The tools you need to fix your Galaxy Note Edge’s cracked screen are:

  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Tool to open case
  • Tweezers
  • Screen replacement

Of course, you can’t just use any old tools or screen; they must fit with the Edge design. For this reason, only order from a wholesale Galaxy Note Edge parts supplier that offers the specialized parts for this particular smartphone model. For example, Injured Gadgets provides all replacement parts once you select the Edge as your phone, using its website. Simply follow the links to find the matching tools and replacement parts to fix the screen issue.

Steps for the Smartphone Screen Repair

Begin by removing the Galaxy Note Edge S pen and powering off your device. Take off the Galaxy Note Edge battery door and pull out the battery. Remove the rear housing of the device next by taking off the 15 screws; use your case opening tool to do so.

The next step is to pry out the five connectors and remove the motherboard. You are almost done at this point. You need to remove the charging port flex assembly and the small parts after that, such as the front-facing camera. Once the disassembly is complete, you will need to replace the cracked screen with a new one, then put the phone back together.

For all of the parts and accessories for Samsung phones that you need for a do-it-yourself repair, depend on Injured Gadgets. The wholesale Galaxy Note Edge parts supplier has been in the cellular repair industry since 2009 and backs all parts with a lifetime guarantee and warranty.

There are few things more frustrating than when the battery on your smartphone dies. You may think your HTC One X is dead but here’s the real truth. Yes, you can replace the battery and here are tips to do so successfully.

HTC Replacement Parts

Thankfully, there are HTC phone repair parts for the One X and other models of the phone available online from wholesalers such as Injured Gadgets. This particular vendor offers HTC replacement parts not only for the One X but also for the:

  • Amaze 4G
  • Aria
  • Incredible (Original, 2, 4G LTE)
  • MyTouch (3G, 4G, 4G Slide)
  • Thunderbolt 4G
  • Windows 8X
  • And more

From replacing the smartphone battery to any other HTC phone repair parts you need, like a new screen, you can find it at affordable prices at Injured Gadgets.

Replacing Your HTC One X Battery

When you open the case of your HTC or another type of smartphone, always know that you are voiding the manufacturer warranty by doing so. While the battery replacement for the One X is possible, it is a complex procedure, and we suggest you check the Injured Gadgets repair guides and use the proper tools for the process, which the wholesaler also sells at low prices.

Also, to get the internal battery, you will have to peel off the insulated compound first. The battery replacement can be done via DIY but take your time and follow reputable guides for each step.

Unfortunately, the HTC One X has been criticized for having a spotty battery life, with some users’ phones overheating and the batteries draining quickly from the mobile devices. The problem traces back to the Tegra 3 chip, which manages the power source. But, rather than buying a whole new phone, you can save money (as well as time and energy) by just replacing the battery in it.

When you want to repair your smartphone or laptop, you can depend on professional tool kits and repair tools like the iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit and iFixit Pro Tech Screwdriver Set. These kits will tear down the devices safely so you can fix the issues and get them working as good as new again.

Contents of the iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit


This kit, available inexpensively through Injured Gadgets, contains:

  • 54-bit driver kit – all bits you need for your small device repair
  • 2 plastic opening tools
  • Tweezer set – the tweezers are proven to work precisely
  • Knife – Tech knife for cutting and scraping
  • Suction cup – Holds onto small things for precise movements
  • Wrist strap – Anti-static for your protection
  • Spudger set – prying and poking tools, made of metal
  • 6” metal ruler
  • Cloth roll – holds the iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit to protect it

Why Use the iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit?

This toolkit is one of many available at Injured Gadget, along with the iFixit Pro Tech Screwdriver Set. It provides you the opportunity to fix electronics, with the convenience of being mobile to go easily with you. When you use the right tools for the job, you are less likely to make the issue, such as a cracked screen or broken speakers, worse. You will also find your movements are seamless and efficient.

The pro kits are already assembled for you, so you have all the tools you need for your next smartphone or tablet repair job. For example, the iFixit Pro Tech Screwdriver Set includes 15 drivers that have high-quality SVCM steel shafts with rubberized handles, as well as spinning caps. The screwdrivers are corrosion resistance and the kit bundles together in a custom-designed tool roll into a small portable bundle.

Get affordable replacement parts and tools when you choose Injured Gadgets, which proudly partners with iFixit.