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There has been a lot of buzz lately regarding Apple’s introduction of AppleCare+.   You are probably wondering if this is a wise investment in the off chance that something happens to your phone.  I wanted to do some research on this topic so I called Apple directly to discuss the plan.  After holding for roughly 40 minutes I was able to speak with a representative to gain the insight for this blog, so here goes….

The plan itself is $99.  It must be purchased at the time you purchase your phone.  For those of us that have already purchased the new iPhone 4s, you have until November 14th due to some technical/server issues on their end.  You pay this price for the coverage, whether you use the service or not.  It is a one time nonrefundable fee.   The plan basically extends your one year standard warranty to two years and adds two incidentals repairs with a surcharge.

The Apple 1 year warranty covers your basic hardware damage, so whether you buy the plan or not, for the first year, you are covered.  This means that if you have a home button problem, your camera stops working, volume button becomes dysfunctional or suffer similar hardware related issues, you are covered.  The warranty basically adds an additional year of this type of coverage.  If you never use the plan, you’re out the original $99.  You should also know, that the plan follows the phone, so if in year two you haven’t had any issues with your iPhone and you decide to upgrade, you can’t transfer the plan to your new iPhone 5.  Now what if you didn’t purchase the plan and after year one you notice that your home button isn’t working? offers this replacement for $69.99.  In this case, you are still ahead $30.00, because even though the repair is covered under the plan, you would still have paid the original $99 for the plan.  If your camera stops working, you’re ahead $40 because the replacement with us is only $59.99 vs. the $99.

What if you don’t have a hardware problem, let’s say you cracked your screen.  Water damage and physical damage (cracked screen, bruised mid-frame, etc) are covered under your two incidental repairs.  In this case, you will pay the original $99.00 plus you have to pay an additional surcharge of $49.00.  That’s $148.00 and in the event that you crack it again, you pay $198 (Original $99, $49 for 1st repair and $49 for 2nd repair).  If you crack it a third time, it is no longer covered by AppleCare+, so now you must pay the full repair price of $199.   For those counting, that’s a total of $396.00, WOW!!!   Now, let’s say you don’t buy the plan and your phone screen cracks.  The repair through us is $99.99.  Even if you need to do 3 iPhone Glass replacements as illustrated above, you’re still ahead $99.00.

It’s really up to you what you decide.  What I will say is, more often than not, paying for these repairs individually through us is a much cheaper option.   Really the only way you get out ahead is if you damage your screen exactly two times, then you are ahead with the plan, by $1.00 exactly.


AppleCare+ Injured Gadgets
Screen Replacement Initial $99 + $49=$148 $99
Home Button Repair Initial $99 $69
Back Camera Repair Initial $99 $59
Speaker Repair Initial $99 $69

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Well maybe not around the world, but it was definitely audible to those standing around.   Listen, you don’t have to take my word for it, see for yourself .

During the long-awaited iPhone 5 urm, sorry iPhone 4s debut, we heard many rumors.  We heard there was going to be an amazing camera, lighting fast browsing speed and of course indestructible glass.

This last phenomenon alone would close down factories in China and numerous cell phone repair shops all over the world.  The team here at Injured Gadgets wanted to put all the rumors to rest and our customers at ease, so we created this iPhone 4s drop test video.  It all started around 7:10 PM on Sunday October 16th, 2011.  We tested a couple of different heights (roughly 2 feet, 3 feet and 5 feet) on the pavement at a local park.  What we have discovered is, if you are 2 feet tall and drop your phone, you’re probably in the clear.  Anyone over 2 feet tall dropping their phone will likely have to deal with a few cracks or a nick or two at the very least.  At a roughly 3 foot drop, the back glass shattered into several cracks, but the front glass was unharmed.  Finally, our final drop at roughly 5 foot shattered the front glass completely.  It’s not all negative though, there is a silver lining.   Even though we had completely destroyed our new iPhone 4s, our dear SIRI was still functional and the phone seemed to be internally undamaged.

Listen folks this isn’t some indestructible glass, I actually think some of the earlier models of the iPhone may have been a little more durable. What we will say is that this version seems sleeker, faster, with a tricked out camera and of course there is the addition of our beloved SIRI.

My opinion, buy the phone, but be super careful and put it in a case.  If you do drop it and it sees the same fate as our drop test phone, just remember, we’ll always be there for you.

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