Injured Gadgets Now Offers Blind Drop Shipping!

Posted: June 9, 2015 in Uncategorized

After many customer requests to offer blind drop shipping, Injured Gadgets now provides this service!

What is a blind drop shipment?

A blind shipment is used when one or more parties don’t know who the shipper, receiver, or both are. In this instance that party is “blind.”

Why Choose Blind Drop Shipping?

This is often used when you want to deliver a gift to someone. However, most blind shipments are used when distributors need their products shipped to their customers without revealing their supplier information. This way, the customer who ordered it from their distributor assumes that the shipment has come from their distributor rather than from Injured Gadgets. If you require blind drop shipping we now offer that option with all our orders. Simply add the Blind Drop Ship Product to your cart during checkout and Injured Gadgets will protect your identity by not including an invoice in the package.


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