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Smartphones are junked with unnecessary myths and rumors over time. The market is flooded with lots of misinformation about software and hardware to corrupt data or damage your mobiles lifespan without any valid evidence. That’s misconception about – to use device while charging or overcharging, using background apps, bluetooth/wi-fi usage, greater megapixels …blah blah blah; that are delegated to diminish smartphone demand. However, these are not true! Every smart device are technically inbuilt with most advanced features to support continuous use. We are now going to tackle some of the most prevalent myths and facts surrounding today’s smartphone.

Myths and Facts About Smartphones


When you need to repair your smartphone, it is essential to pick the best tools for the job. You don’t want to make the problem worse, whether it is a malfunctioning battery, a cracked screen, or another issue. It is typically cheaper to do the repair yourself than to hire a company, although you need to use the proper tools and have a good guide to follow. You also need to pick a reputable wholesale cell phone parts store like Injured Gadgets.

Why Choose a Wholesaler?

The reason you want to select wholesale cell phone repair tools is that you always get a good price. A wholesaler, such as Injured Gadgets, gets you the best quality replacement parts at the lowest costs because there is no middle man to jack up the price.

But, you always have to make sure you choose a wholesaler with a good online reputation as selling quality wholesale cell phone repair tools and being reliable in terms of pricing and shipping. Injured Gadgets delivers on all fronts.

Selecting the Repair Tools

Now that you know where to buy the tools from, how do you know which wholesale cell phone repair tools to get? It is easy with sites like Injured Gadgets offering menus in which you simply select your smartphone make and model to find the appropriate tools and parts. It is a one-stop shop for almost all smartphones, including:

  • iPhones
  • Samsung
  • HTC
  • LG
  • Motorola
  • Nokia

The right tools to use for each type of phone are simply suggested to you on the Injured Gadgets platform. Take the guesswork away and make it a simple decision of which wholesale cell phone repair tools to get from the cell phone parts store online, all without even having to leave home.

Types of Wholesale Cell Phone Repair Tools

There is a range of tools to use, depending on your make and model of smartphone, as well as the issue at hand. Injured Gadgets carries opening tools, screwmats, red tape and adhesive, testing cables, screwdrivers, tool kits, and more, all at affordable prices.

Here comes the most awaited event of 2016! Owners and specialist of wireless repair industry from all around the globe, gathering in Nashville this April from 11-13th for the Wireless Repair Roundup. Would you like to join us in Nashville?

It will be great opportunity to learn from skilled guest speakers and network. You will get to meet some like-minded people from Smartphone and tablet industry across the country. This will be a great experience for you! Let’s have some detailed information:

Wireless Repair Roundup 2016

Parts and accessory of wireless technology could be complex and confusing. So, Wireless Repair Roundup is organized to make things easy and simple. This networking event will anticipate experts and professionals from wireless repair industry. They will talk about social media, merchandising and tech training alongside the ins-outs of wireless repair industry. Expert speakers will draw attention on the hottest tips to increase store productivity and improve marketing strategies.

Who should attend?

Wireless Repair Roundup is open to all! Any established store owner, newbie, franchisee or start-ups can attend this event. 150 number of seats are allotted for guests.


Why to attend?

This event is a place where like-minded people will congregate to discuss the whole host of topic related to wireless repair industry. The experts will share handful information to improve businesses. You can learn a lot more from interacting and watching them face-to-face. Attending this event allows you ask them all the burning questions. You can join us for live demos, expert speech and suggestions.

The conference speakers could inspire, motivate and pave the way to follow their footsteps. This is not a sales seminar! This is an opportunity to learn, develop a network to re-connect and re-invent repair work in whole new perspective.

What’s the profit for you?

  • Free adult beverages! An earlier registration for the opening cocktail reception, 7pm Monday, April 11 will complement free drinks. Food stalls are available to purchase and eat.
  • Experts advice and suggestions at The Main Event, April 12. Lunch is included for registered entry.
  • Your takeaway from the event – a Wireless Repair playbook! This playbook contains everything you need to grow your business. All actionable items and valuable suggestions are included to use and implement in your shop. Add value to your business with these specific tips.
  • Free pass, worth of $695, to Day 1 of the Mobile Carrier’s Show and also for Nashville Music Center, April 13.
  • Abundant food and adult beverages are arranged on the exhibit floor.
  • Access to any Mobile Carrier Show workshops without additional fees or charges.
  • Special registration is open until March 11, 2016. Go for early bird registration and enjoy complimentary services.

MCS2016 have rounded up the best speakers around the globe to enlighten the participants. Injured Gadgets is actively taking part into it this seminar. You can also join and take benefit!