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When you want to repair your smartphone or laptop, you can depend on professional tool kits and repair tools like the iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit and iFixit Pro Tech Screwdriver Set. These kits will tear down the devices safely so you can fix the issues and get them working as good as new again.

Contents of the iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit


This kit, available inexpensively through Injured Gadgets, contains:

  • 54-bit driver kit – all bits you need for your small device repair
  • 2 plastic opening tools
  • Tweezer set – the tweezers are proven to work precisely
  • Knife – Tech knife for cutting and scraping
  • Suction cup – Holds onto small things for precise movements
  • Wrist strap – Anti-static for your protection
  • Spudger set – prying and poking tools, made of metal
  • 6” metal ruler
  • Cloth roll – holds the iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit to protect it

Why Use the iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit?

This toolkit is one of many available at Injured Gadget, along with the iFixit Pro Tech Screwdriver Set. It provides you the opportunity to fix electronics, with the convenience of being mobile to go easily with you. When you use the right tools for the job, you are less likely to make the issue, such as a cracked screen or broken speakers, worse. You will also find your movements are seamless and efficient.

The pro kits are already assembled for you, so you have all the tools you need for your next smartphone or tablet repair job. For example, the iFixit Pro Tech Screwdriver Set includes 15 drivers that have high-quality SVCM steel shafts with rubberized handles, as well as spinning caps. The screwdrivers are corrosion resistance and the kit bundles together in a custom-designed tool roll into a small portable bundle.

Get affordable replacement parts and tools when you choose Injured Gadgets, which proudly partners with iFixit.


Things to Look for When Buying a SmartphoneDue to countless choices, buying a smartphone has become a lot harder than before. But, if you are equipped with the necessary knowledge, you can certainly lay your hands on the right device without breaking the bank. With the right device, not only can you manage your tasks more efficiently, but also make your life a breeze.

Here is a look at some key considerations that you should bear in mind when looking for your next smartphone.

Consider the Processor

Processor is the core of any mobile phone which provides the device with computing power to perform various tasks effectively. As a fast processor may have a considerable impact on the overall performance of your phone, make sure that your phone has an efficient processor which may deliver quicker responses.

Find the Right Carrier

As each mobile phone carrier offers different coverage map, pricing, and level of service, selecting the right carrier is one of the most daunting tasks. However, the best way to decide on the carrier is gauging the quality of local coverage using RootMetrics. By providing you with detailed information about the network performance, the tool may help you identify which company has the best coverage in your area. Besides, if you are a frequent traveler, make sure that the coverage is good in areas where you move around frequently.

Remember that even the most expensive smartphone may be useless if it does not have a reliable connection. Nonetheless, it is still crucial to choose carrier wisely so as to make the most of the device.

Consider Storage Capacity

The two leading operating systems, iOS and Android have distinct concepts of data and file storage. While Android allows the extension of storage space with an option of microSD memory card, iOS offers unlimited cloud storage capacity to let iOS users save their unlimited data on a remote server. Before choosing the smartphone, carefully evaluate your storage needs to manage your data in an appropriate manner.

Check Battery Life

Battery life typically varies from device to device. However, you need to check the specifications of the product to know how many hours of use the phone may offer between charges.

Make sure that you conduct a thorough research before choosing a device. Also, ensure proper maintenance of your phone to prolong its life for an extended period of time. Browse our collection of iPhone 5 parts and repairing tools for iPhone to keep your phone in the best condition.

from the Cold

Use a Protective CaseWith the winter season just round the corner and you all busy preparing for the much awaited holiday season, we thought it fit to remind you that your phone will be demanding a little more attention than usual in the coming months. As the temperatures fall below freezing point, your phones are at a risk of cracked screens, awry functioning, or worse freezing. Follow these simple tips to protect your phones from the cold.

Use a Protective Case

Most protective casings for smartphones are insulated, which can keep your phone warm in the frigid cold. Also it will help protect the phone from any accidental slips and falls on hard ice or compacted snow. Prefer a case that has rubber component that helps lower the risk of freezing.

Charge Your BatteryCharge Your Battery

Cold temperatures often lead to unpredictable battery behaviour. To be on the safe side, make sure you charge your battery as soon as your phone signals a ‘battery low’. Do not avoid it, or keep it for later, plug your phone in and let it charge.

Limit Outdoor Usage

With freezing temperatures outside, it is wise to limit your smartphone usage outdoors. Do not answer or make calls when it’s snowing’ it is better to wait till the snowfall stops to use the phone. It will protect your phone both from freezing and falling. Also it will make sure you have enough battery for emergency calls.

Do Not Leave Your Phone Exposed to Cold

Cars, garages, or any other place that is exposed to the cold weather is a place your phone shouldn’t be left at. If your phone freezes from the extreme temperatures, it will stop working. Not just that, once the phone thaws out, the water from it is going to sever your phone beyond repair. It is a risk you do not want to take. So be careful!

Use Special Gloves

Now we know it is impossible not to use your phone while you are out. Since smartphones require fingertips to swipe, unlock, and operate – it is impractical to do so with gloves on. Luckily, there are custome made gloves available in the market that allows you to use the smartphone without taking them off. Get yourself a pair too.

Taking note, and following the above mentioned tips will keep your phone safe as you enjoy the festivities of the holiday season. However, even if you run into trouble with your phone and need parts replacement, contact us, our cell phone parts store has a complete range of wholesale parts for iPhone and android at the convenience of a click.

Do you know your smartphone can do more than just making calls and sending emails? Gone are the days when smartphones were just a communication device. Today, the functions and benefits of smartphones have gone beyond the realms of possibilities. Read through to know how you can use your smartphone in some unusual ways to make your life a lot easier and simpler.

1.     Measure Heart HealthMeasure Heart Health

Do you need consistent heart rate monitoring to keep your health in check? Get Pulse Phone app to monitor your heart rate without running expensive laboratory tests day after day. Using the app, not only can you measure your heart rate, but also check your heart rhythm, respiration rate, and oxygen saturation by simply placing your finger against the lens of your smartphone camera. With its algorithm, the app measures and processes changes in the light reflecting off your finger to tell the pace of your heart beat, the momentum of your breathe, and the rate of flow of oxygen traveling through your bloodstream.

2.     Spot Window Leakages

Measure MusclesIf you suspect that your home has leaky windows or insulation issues, your smartphone can help you find the problem. With a FLIR ONE add on, your smartphone can turn into a thermal imaging camera to detect window leakages. The thermal imaging app can turn thermal energy into color images to find home issues without having to hire a professional for the job. By detecting drafty windows or spots, you can easily identify the need for insulation to make improvements to create an energy efficient home.

3.     Control Car Remotely

Unlike typical remote car starters, smartphone lets you start, lock, unlock, and track your car from virtually any part of the world. All you need is an internet connection to connect your smartphone with your vehicle from wherever you are.

4.     Measure Muscles

With smartphone in your hand, you may no longer need a health expert to know your progress at the gym. Muscle monitoring apps, like Skulpt Aim, can calculate and show your fat percentage and MQ score at home. Using small electrodes, the app can measure your muscle groups and display the information on your smartphone to let you know where you are making progress and which area needs improvement to get a perfectly toned and healthy body. Besides, some muscle monitoring apps also recommend workouts that are best for you to tone your body.

While smartphones have taken over our lives, it is important to keep them protected. Get iPhone 5S repair parts along with replacement tools for iPhone to make sure your phone is in perfect working order all the time!

When it comes to batteries, we all know they have a limited life. How long a battery lasts, depends on how well you use it. In most cases, people do not realize that their practices are actually damaging their phone batteries. If you want your batteries to last longer and perform better, the following tips might prove helpful.

Cosset Your Battery

To make anything last longer, you need to lavish it with care. Same is the case with your battery. For that, avoid using your phone in extreme cold weather. Also, during normal usage, do not let your battery temperature reach more than 95° Fahrenheit, if you are not sure about the temperatures we suggest you keep a spare battery to swap. You can find one at our cell phone parts store; simply sign up and shop away.

Charge It Properly

Cosset Your BatteryYou can’t expect your battery to perform properly if you do not charge it well. For optimal performance, it is suggested to wait till your battery is down to 10% and then charge it back to a complete 100%. Avoid over charging the battery and do not charge too frequently.

Save Power

The best way to optimize on battery life is to economize your usage. Save PowerSwitch of the Wi-Fi when you are not using it; if you are in a zone that has weak 4G LTE signals, turn that off too. Applications that run in the background drain the battery – close them as soon as you are done with them. It is always better to keep the screen as dim as you can. Also lengthening the refresh time helps ion saving battery.

Carry a Portable Charger

Carry a Portable ChargerIt is impossible to be wired to a power outlet all the time. If you travel frequently, or have to visit remote places often, a portable charging device is what you need. Wireless charging stands or power banks come in handy when battery dies and one does not have access to power outlets.

Push Notifications

Notifications from applications like Facebook and Twitter tend to drink battery as they keep the application running even when you close them. Turning off push notifications will not only increase your battery time, but will also keep you less distracted.

Whether it is dead batteries or other parts that need replacement, we have the complete range of wholesale parts for iPhone and android – in other words, we are your one-stop smartphone repair solution.

4 Must-Have Accessories to Keep Your Smartphone in Perfect ConditionHave you just successfully purchased a new smartphone? Wouldn’t you always want to see your phone in its prime condition? Maintaining a phone requires effort, but believe us, the results are absolutely rewarding. A well maintained phone always gets a better resale value, apart from the fact that it performs optimally for a longer period of time. Good news is, these simple accessories can help you maintain your smartphone in perfect condition.

Screen Protector

Trust us when we say that protecting your screen is an investment you make in your phone. Scratches and damage to the screen brings down the value of your phone faster than anything else. There are two options for protecting your screen: you can either opt for a complete full body shield that protects your screen as well as your phone from all sides; or you could simply opt for a front-only screen protector.

Protective CasesProtective Cases

How many times have you accidently dropped your phone; or it simply slipped from your hands? If you have your phone covered with a protective case, any accidental falls, bumps, or drops would have an impact on the cover rather than the phone itself. Cases nowadays are available in a myriad of shapes, colors, and sizes – it is up to you which one you prefer more.

Microfiber Cleaning ClothMicrofiber Cleaning Cloth

It is important to clean your smartphone at least once in a quarter to ensure it stays in a good condition. A microfiber cleaning cloth makes sure the device is thoroughly cleaned without any scratches that may result from an ordinary rag. Use a gadget-safe cleaning foam or solution sprayed on a microfiber cleaning cloth to properly clean your device. DO NOT spray the solution directly on the device.

Compressed Air Can For Electronics

Easily available at most electronic shops, the compressed air can for electronics is used to clean and maintain all the open ports in your device. These ports, like the charging port, headset jack, microSD, and SIM card slots are prone to malfunction if not cleaned, owing to the dust and lint buildup.

Even with the best efforts at care taking, accidents tend to happen. They are unavoidable, and uninvited. If you have trouble taking care of your phone or if you are prone to accidents register an account with us, to get the best repair and replacement wholesale parts for iPhone and android at our cell phone parts store.

Smartphones over the years have become a powerful tool for not only communication but also saving valuable data. That is one reason why, for most people their Smartphone is the most precious asset they have. It is precious hence; it is kept close all the time-even in the bathrooms! What people fail to understand is that, with their phones being that close to the water, one small mistake can cost them a lot. Water can kill your phone, and with that you are at a risk of losing all your valuable data.

Has it happened to your phone as well? You need not worry. If you act diligently, you may be able to save your phone, and here’s how:

Act Fast

Act FastTake your phone out of the water as soon as possible. The longer it stays in the water, the greater the damage would be. Your phone can still be saved even with the water seeping into its open ports.

Leave the Buttons Alone

If you press the buttons n a phone that is soaked in water, you are only furthering the damage, allowing the moisture to penetrate deeper.

Dry It UpDry It Up

Be quick to grab a paper towel, a tissue, or a soft cloth and dry the water up. Be thorough, do whatever it takes to stop the moisture from seeping into the phone.

Take the Internal Components Out

Remove the battery, the SIM card, and/or microSD card immediately. Put them on a fresh paper towel and allow them to dry.

Shake It Up

To drive out as much water as you can, gently shake your phone a few times to allow any water hiding in nooks and corners of your phone to come out.

The Moisture Control

To control the moisture from spreading and to suck the one that is already in your phone put it in a bag or container of rice along with its components. Keep changing the position of its objects to make sure all sides get treated.

Wait…Keep WaitingWait…Keep Waiting

We know it’s a pain, but the best thing you can do at this point is be patient while your phone dries up. It will require a minimum of 24 hours, but the stakes are better if you give it between 48 to 72 hours to dry.

Check If It Works

Once the drying period lapses, remove your phone from the bowl or bag of rice. You need to dust off any starch on it before putting back the pieces together. Next, try to switch your phone on – hopefully it will; in case it does not put it bag in the rice for another 24 hours or so. Still if your phone does not work, it’s time you got a new one. Or you can buy the iRevive spray to make it work.

Make sure you check your SIM card and/or microSD card to retrieve and save as much information as you can. For the future, refrain from taking your phone near the water and make sure you back up your data. Apart from the lost data, we at Injured Gadgets have all the wholesale parts for iPhone and android, sign up here.