4 Must-Have Accessories to Keep Your Smartphone in Perfect Condition

Posted: June 29, 2016 in Smart Phone

4 Must-Have Accessories to Keep Your Smartphone in Perfect ConditionHave you just successfully purchased a new smartphone? Wouldn’t you always want to see your phone in its prime condition? Maintaining a phone requires effort, but believe us, the results are absolutely rewarding. A well maintained phone always gets a better resale value, apart from the fact that it performs optimally for a longer period of time. Good news is, these simple accessories can help you maintain your smartphone in perfect condition.

Screen Protector

Trust us when we say that protecting your screen is an investment you make in your phone. Scratches and damage to the screen brings down the value of your phone faster than anything else. There are two options for protecting your screen: you can either opt for a complete full body shield that protects your screen as well as your phone from all sides; or you could simply opt for a front-only screen protector.

Protective CasesProtective Cases

How many times have you accidently dropped your phone; or it simply slipped from your hands? If you have your phone covered with a protective case, any accidental falls, bumps, or drops would have an impact on the cover rather than the phone itself. Cases nowadays are available in a myriad of shapes, colors, and sizes – it is up to you which one you prefer more.

Microfiber Cleaning ClothMicrofiber Cleaning Cloth

It is important to clean your smartphone at least once in a quarter to ensure it stays in a good condition. A microfiber cleaning cloth makes sure the device is thoroughly cleaned without any scratches that may result from an ordinary rag. Use a gadget-safe cleaning foam or solution sprayed on a microfiber cleaning cloth to properly clean your device. DO NOT spray the solution directly on the device.

Compressed Air Can For Electronics

Easily available at most electronic shops, the compressed air can for electronics is used to clean and maintain all the open ports in your device. These ports, like the charging port, headset jack, microSD, and SIM card slots are prone to malfunction if not cleaned, owing to the dust and lint buildup.

Even with the best efforts at care taking, accidents tend to happen. They are unavoidable, and uninvited. If you have trouble taking care of your phone or if you are prone to accidents register an account with us, to get the best repair and replacement wholesale parts for iPhone and android at our cell phone parts store.


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