4 Surprising Uses of Smartphone

Posted: June 29, 2016 in Smart Phone

Do you know your smartphone can do more than just making calls and sending emails? Gone are the days when smartphones were just a communication device. Today, the functions and benefits of smartphones have gone beyond the realms of possibilities. Read through to know how you can use your smartphone in some unusual ways to make your life a lot easier and simpler.

1.     Measure Heart HealthMeasure Heart Health

Do you need consistent heart rate monitoring to keep your health in check? Get Pulse Phone app to monitor your heart rate without running expensive laboratory tests day after day. Using the app, not only can you measure your heart rate, but also check your heart rhythm, respiration rate, and oxygen saturation by simply placing your finger against the lens of your smartphone camera. With its algorithm, the app measures and processes changes in the light reflecting off your finger to tell the pace of your heart beat, the momentum of your breathe, and the rate of flow of oxygen traveling through your bloodstream.

2.     Spot Window Leakages

Measure MusclesIf you suspect that your home has leaky windows or insulation issues, your smartphone can help you find the problem. With a FLIR ONE add on, your smartphone can turn into a thermal imaging camera to detect window leakages. The thermal imaging app can turn thermal energy into color images to find home issues without having to hire a professional for the job. By detecting drafty windows or spots, you can easily identify the need for insulation to make improvements to create an energy efficient home.

3.     Control Car Remotely

Unlike typical remote car starters, smartphone lets you start, lock, unlock, and track your car from virtually any part of the world. All you need is an internet connection to connect your smartphone with your vehicle from wherever you are.

4.     Measure Muscles

With smartphone in your hand, you may no longer need a health expert to know your progress at the gym. Muscle monitoring apps, like Skulpt Aim, can calculate and show your fat percentage and MQ score at home. Using small electrodes, the app can measure your muscle groups and display the information on your smartphone to let you know where you are making progress and which area needs improvement to get a perfectly toned and healthy body. Besides, some muscle monitoring apps also recommend workouts that are best for you to tone your body.

While smartphones have taken over our lives, it is important to keep them protected. Get iPhone 5S repair parts along with replacement tools for iPhone to make sure your phone is in perfect working order all the time!


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