5 Common Smartphone Problems

Posted: June 29, 2016 in Smart Phone

Today, almost everyone owns a Smartphone; we bet you do too, and if we consider the time for which smart phones have been around, it is safe to assume your current phone is probably not your first Smartphone. Although the phones are getting smarter by the day, there are still certain problems that you can’t avoid as a Smartphone user – see how many of the most common Smartphone problems can you relate to.

There’s A Crack in the Screen!There’s A Crack in the Screen!

Had too much on your hands and the phone slipped? And now you’re left with a Smartphone with an ugly cracked screen. The Smartphone screens are made up of sturdy glass, and glass isn’t hard to break. Broken or cracked Smartphone screens are by far the most common phone related problems that we come across every day. Long story short, you can still get it repaired – once it’s fixed by a repair technician, it will be good to go.

The Water Messed It Up

The Water Messed It UpWater can actually kill your phone; you are at the risk of losing all your phone data if you accidently drop your phone into the pool, or if it gets a wash from an unexpected wave while you were attempting to take a selfie. If you act quickly, there may be a chance to save it from excessive damage. As a safety tip, do not carry your phone anywhere near water.

The Charging Port BrokeThe Charging Port Broke

The charging port is the most susceptible to dust and lint buildup that can render it useless. In other words, your phone, when not charged, becomes useless. The proper way around it is to get your broken port swapped with a new one; you can find one in the wholesale parts for iPhone and android at our cell phone parts store.

Home Button Dilemma

The Home Button is the most frequently used and often the only button on your smartphone. Continuous usage for navigation and buildup of dust and lint frequently makes the button stop working. It wears out much sooner than the rest of your phone. A simple solution would be to get it replaced rather than frustrating yourself trying to make it work.

Battery Drains

The battery drains too often too soon, even when you do not use your phone. A major cause of little battery life is the applications running in the background even when you are not using your phone. For that we suggest you close down all applications as soon as you’re done with them. If still your phone is losing battery quickly, you may need to replace either the battery itself or your charger.

On the whole, smartphones have made life faster and easier, but like everything has a downside, smartphones has its fair share too. These electronic devices can be victim to malfunctions; however, it is not much to worry about when you have Injured Gadgets to get your phone parts replaced. Create an account with us here.


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