Here Is How You Can Protect Your Phone from the Cold

Posted: June 29, 2016 in Smart Phone

from the Cold

Use a Protective CaseWith the winter season just round the corner and you all busy preparing for the much awaited holiday season, we thought it fit to remind you that your phone will be demanding a little more attention than usual in the coming months. As the temperatures fall below freezing point, your phones are at a risk of cracked screens, awry functioning, or worse freezing. Follow these simple tips to protect your phones from the cold.

Use a Protective Case

Most protective casings for smartphones are insulated, which can keep your phone warm in the frigid cold. Also it will help protect the phone from any accidental slips and falls on hard ice or compacted snow. Prefer a case that has rubber component that helps lower the risk of freezing.

Charge Your BatteryCharge Your Battery

Cold temperatures often lead to unpredictable battery behaviour. To be on the safe side, make sure you charge your battery as soon as your phone signals a ‘battery low’. Do not avoid it, or keep it for later, plug your phone in and let it charge.

Limit Outdoor Usage

With freezing temperatures outside, it is wise to limit your smartphone usage outdoors. Do not answer or make calls when it’s snowing’ it is better to wait till the snowfall stops to use the phone. It will protect your phone both from freezing and falling. Also it will make sure you have enough battery for emergency calls.

Do Not Leave Your Phone Exposed to Cold

Cars, garages, or any other place that is exposed to the cold weather is a place your phone shouldn’t be left at. If your phone freezes from the extreme temperatures, it will stop working. Not just that, once the phone thaws out, the water from it is going to sever your phone beyond repair. It is a risk you do not want to take. So be careful!

Use Special Gloves

Now we know it is impossible not to use your phone while you are out. Since smartphones require fingertips to swipe, unlock, and operate – it is impractical to do so with gloves on. Luckily, there are custome made gloves available in the market that allows you to use the smartphone without taking them off. Get yourself a pair too.

Taking note, and following the above mentioned tips will keep your phone safe as you enjoy the festivities of the holiday season. However, even if you run into trouble with your phone and need parts replacement, contact us, our cell phone parts store has a complete range of wholesale parts for iPhone and android at the convenience of a click.


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