How to Save a Water Damaged Phone

Posted: June 29, 2016 in Smart Phone

Smartphones over the years have become a powerful tool for not only communication but also saving valuable data. That is one reason why, for most people their Smartphone is the most precious asset they have. It is precious hence; it is kept close all the time-even in the bathrooms! What people fail to understand is that, with their phones being that close to the water, one small mistake can cost them a lot. Water can kill your phone, and with that you are at a risk of losing all your valuable data.

Has it happened to your phone as well? You need not worry. If you act diligently, you may be able to save your phone, and here’s how:

Act Fast

Act FastTake your phone out of the water as soon as possible. The longer it stays in the water, the greater the damage would be. Your phone can still be saved even with the water seeping into its open ports.

Leave the Buttons Alone

If you press the buttons n a phone that is soaked in water, you are only furthering the damage, allowing the moisture to penetrate deeper.

Dry It UpDry It Up

Be quick to grab a paper towel, a tissue, or a soft cloth and dry the water up. Be thorough, do whatever it takes to stop the moisture from seeping into the phone.

Take the Internal Components Out

Remove the battery, the SIM card, and/or microSD card immediately. Put them on a fresh paper towel and allow them to dry.

Shake It Up

To drive out as much water as you can, gently shake your phone a few times to allow any water hiding in nooks and corners of your phone to come out.

The Moisture Control

To control the moisture from spreading and to suck the one that is already in your phone put it in a bag or container of rice along with its components. Keep changing the position of its objects to make sure all sides get treated.

Wait…Keep WaitingWait…Keep Waiting

We know it’s a pain, but the best thing you can do at this point is be patient while your phone dries up. It will require a minimum of 24 hours, but the stakes are better if you give it between 48 to 72 hours to dry.

Check If It Works

Once the drying period lapses, remove your phone from the bowl or bag of rice. You need to dust off any starch on it before putting back the pieces together. Next, try to switch your phone on – hopefully it will; in case it does not put it bag in the rice for another 24 hours or so. Still if your phone does not work, it’s time you got a new one. Or you can buy the iRevive spray to make it work.

Make sure you check your SIM card and/or microSD card to retrieve and save as much information as you can. For the future, refrain from taking your phone near the water and make sure you back up your data. Apart from the lost data, we at Injured Gadgets have all the wholesale parts for iPhone and android, sign up here.


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