Tips for Taking Care of Your Smartphone Battery

Posted: June 29, 2016 in Smart Phone

When it comes to batteries, we all know they have a limited life. How long a battery lasts, depends on how well you use it. In most cases, people do not realize that their practices are actually damaging their phone batteries. If you want your batteries to last longer and perform better, the following tips might prove helpful.

Cosset Your Battery

To make anything last longer, you need to lavish it with care. Same is the case with your battery. For that, avoid using your phone in extreme cold weather. Also, during normal usage, do not let your battery temperature reach more than 95° Fahrenheit, if you are not sure about the temperatures we suggest you keep a spare battery to swap. You can find one at our cell phone parts store; simply sign up and shop away.

Charge It Properly

Cosset Your BatteryYou can’t expect your battery to perform properly if you do not charge it well. For optimal performance, it is suggested to wait till your battery is down to 10% and then charge it back to a complete 100%. Avoid over charging the battery and do not charge too frequently.

Save Power

The best way to optimize on battery life is to economize your usage. Save PowerSwitch of the Wi-Fi when you are not using it; if you are in a zone that has weak 4G LTE signals, turn that off too. Applications that run in the background drain the battery – close them as soon as you are done with them. It is always better to keep the screen as dim as you can. Also lengthening the refresh time helps ion saving battery.

Carry a Portable Charger

Carry a Portable ChargerIt is impossible to be wired to a power outlet all the time. If you travel frequently, or have to visit remote places often, a portable charging device is what you need. Wireless charging stands or power banks come in handy when battery dies and one does not have access to power outlets.

Push Notifications

Notifications from applications like Facebook and Twitter tend to drink battery as they keep the application running even when you close them. Turning off push notifications will not only increase your battery time, but will also keep you less distracted.

Whether it is dead batteries or other parts that need replacement, we have the complete range of wholesale parts for iPhone and android – in other words, we are your one-stop smartphone repair solution.


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