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Even to this day, Nokia is perhaps the most widely used cell phone brand in the world. Though the company was bought by Microsoft that produces their Lumia brand equipped with Windows phone operating system, Nokia has left a huge legacy and hundreds of models that users still love to buy.

Moreover, we may not see a more universally accepted cellphone brand in many years. There is a background to this, Nokia phones are still running hot in the market. If you are Nokia phone user, you are among millions of other users who love their Nokia phones. However, since the company is no longer selling phones, finding the right supplier for your phone’s equipment and accessories can become a daunting task at times. Here is what you need to do:

Choose a Reputable Supplier

Since the parent company is no longer in business, finding the right repair parts for your Nokia can be difficult. There are many suppliers who are providing different parts and accessories to Nokia customers. However, given that there is no check and balance on them, as the company sold its business, there is always the risk of faulty parts. In fact, most suppliers are either making substandard parts on their own or sourcing them from other countries. Suffice to say that these parts don’t have the quality and reliability of the original. Using these parts may cause your phone to malfunction or even die. This is why; using high quality parts made by Injured Gadgets is the safest buy for your phone. Not only do they manufacture their own parts under tight quality control process, they are among very few vendors whose parts have passed quality and reliability tests. Choosing parts, accessories and battery mean that your Nokia phone is in safe hands and will serve you well for years to come.


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Cell phones are very important devices and while these are also fragile products, it takes good wisdom to be able to take appropriate care of them.

Accidents and incidents may occur leading to screen damages, speaker getting damaged amongst other parts. While such could pose challenges, it doesn’t make sense to discard the entire phone and go shopping for a brand new one. All that would be required is to spend a little to buy back the exact parts that have been impaired and make the replacement.

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