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Business Funding_InjuredGadgets

Injured Gadgets provides financing through Business funding isn’t always easy to obtain; Injured Gadgets and Behalf have partnered to offer you up to $50,000 of business funding to pay off your invoices, you’ll find it easier than ever to get the necessary business funding you need–and all through a reputable, professional source.

Business funding through a credit line

Business funding from this new partnership is offered through a credit line, which is not only a viable source for business funding but a recommended one. One of the primary reasons why it is beneficial to use a credit line to get business funding is because it builds up your overall business credit, which is a definite plus for any business.

Pay on your schedule

Unlike other companies, this partnership offers multiple ways to pay—it all depends on you! You can pay on your credit line all at once, or pay monthly, or pay weekly. And there are no hidden or surprise fees hiding at the end, so you know exactly how much you’ll pay when you’re approved.

Your credit limit may vary

The maximum credit limit offered is $50,000, but how much will be made available to you will depend on your personal and your business finances.


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