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When it comes to purchasing wholesale the high quality mobile phones repair tools, there are many things that you need to take into consideration. For instance, are you going to purchase a cell phone repair kit best buy? Or a repair kit for a different mobile device? When you’re preparing to purchase your next wholesale the high quality mobile phones repair tools, consider the following 3 things that you definitely need to know.

#1: Not all repair kits are the same

There are actually countless types of repair kits available out there today. In addition to general cell phone repair kit best buy, repair kits are sometimes tailored to specific types of devices (such as cell phones, tablets, and so on). They are even kits designed for specific brands or models of mobile phone or device.

#2: You’ll probably need an additional tool kit

Regardless of what type of phone you’re going to repair, you will probably need to purchase an additional tool kit so that you have everything you might possibly need on hand when you begin your repair. The tool kits that you should consider purchasing are a precision knife tool kit, which will provide you with various knife blades that are very handy when it comes to repairing cell phones and mobile devices; as well as a pair of repair-oriented tweezers with a very fine, curved tip.

#3: You can find great wholesale prices online

The best prices for repair kits are wholesale prices, which are often offered by online retailers who specialize in selling replacement and repair parts for cell phones and other types of mobile devices. Wholesale prices will ensure you’re paying less for the same quality repair parts and kits that you would be purchasing elsewhere.


Are you prepared to hear exciting news about the latest the very best phone and mobile device parts and accessory store has to offer? Then join Injured Gadgets at The Prepaid Expo! Injured Gadgets CEO, Aakshay Kripalani, will be speaking about adding wireless repair, upsells, and accessories! It was recently announced that he will be one of the key speakers at the upcoming The Prepaid Expo, and their significant announcement about upcoming products and services that Injured Gadgets will be offering is opening up a whole new world for the company—and its customers.

What Injured Gadgets Has to Offer?

Thanks to the hard work of Aakshay Kripalani/CEO, Injured Gadgets, the company currently offers a very wide range of accessories and parts for almost every type of smart phone and other mobile device. This includes, but is certainly not limited to, parts and accessories for iPhones from the iPhone 3s model to the newest iPhone 7 Plus model; parts and accessories for iPads, Samsung Galaxy phone models, Galaxy Note models, Kindle Fire, HTC Evo 4G and so much more.

The Prepaid Expo Announcement

At the expo, the CEO of the company will be revealing the new services and products that will broaden the horizons of the company and its clientele. The new services are expected to include services for wireless repair, new up-sells, as well as new accessories on offer for a variety of phones and mobile devices.

The IG Difference

There is a reason why this company is considered the best parts and accessory store in the business: their years of experience in the industry gives the insider knowledge necessary to know exactly what their customers need and want and provide it with top notch customer service.

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A cracked iPhone screen is one of the most common types of damage to iPhones, and there are generally two options when this happens: have your phone repaired or replace it altogether. The following are some important things to keep in mind when you have a cracked iPhone screen; consider the following factors when making your decision about what to do with your damaged phone.

Does the phone still turn on and operate?

Although you probably won’t be able to use the phone with a cracked screen, you should be able to tell if the phone still turns on, holds a charge, and otherwise appears to work outside of the screen issue. If so, you should consider getting the screen repaired rather than replacing your phone. If the phone is not working, you should consider replacing it completely. You may be able to sell your phone to a company that wants to buy iPhone replacement parts wholesale which they can sell to companies who do phone repair.

How old is the phone?

If you have a very old phone, it may not be worth repairing due to the fact that iPhone replacement parts wholesale for older parts are much harder to find, making it more costly for companies to repair it. You may actually save money by replacing your phone in this case—though you can still make some money by selling your phone for parts.

How do you sell your phone for parts?

If you decide to replace your phone rather than have it repaired, you can sell it for parts online through auction sites or specialized phone parts resale sites. Companies who buy phone parts are often suppliers of phone repair companies, who require specialized iPhone parts in order to do certain kinds of repairs on their customer’s damaged phones.

Where should you get your phone repaired?

You should send your damaged iPhone to a reputable phone repair company that specializes in repairing smart phones and other mobile devices. You should always research the reputation and reviews of this company before sending in your phone to ensure that you are dealing with a professional, high quality company with great customer service.