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One of the most common types of repair needed for any mobile phone is battery repair; this is due to the regular wear and tear that occurs when you use your mobile phone on a regular basis, as so many people do. For some phones, like the Moto G or Moto X, battery repairs are common due to their high capacity components. High capacity battery repair for your Moto G. is not an uncommon necessary repair; in addition to battery repair, screen repairs are another common repair that most people will need at one time or another due to accidentally damaging their phone’s screen. Whether you are looking for a screen for Moto X or a new battery, consider the following 2 essential tips to help you make the most of your search.

Tip #1: Know what kind of parts and repairs that you need

When you’re looking for a screen for Moto X or a new battery, it’s important to know what kind of part (and therefore repairs) that your phone actually needs. Is the screen simply cracked on the surface—in other words, is the damage purely to the screen’s appearance? Or is the screen’s functionality damaged? Do you need high capacity battery repair for your Moto G., or are the performance issues in your phone from something else?

Tip #2: Shop around for parts

Different online shops will offer different prices and various discounts for phone parts from many of the major phone retailers. You should shop around for parts to ensure that you are getting the best prices and the best deals on the parts you need for your phone repair. If possible, buy from shops which offer wholesale pricing.


Are you wondering which one is better, the Motorola Moto X Play or Meizu MX5? We finally put the two smartphones to the test here by comparing their specs and features. Read on to find out which one won the battle.

Processor and RAM Comparison

The two smartphones are similar in terms of their processors. They are both respectable, which means that both phones have decent performance. As for RAM, Meizu MX5 has more RAM than does the Motorola cell phone parts. Having more RAM gives you a better experience for web searches and playing games.

Camera Comparisons

Both Motorola Moto X Play and Meizu MX5 have front and back cameras, but obviously, all cameras are not made the same. The rear cameras differ, with the Meizu one falling short of the Moto X Play model. Regarding front cameras, they are quite similar.

Other Details Between the Phones

In looking at the battery life of the two smartphones, we noted that Motorola’s phone has a longer lasting capacity than does Meizu. The advantage of a longer life between charges is that the phone will last longer on the go.

Also, the Moto X Play offers a water-repellent nanocoating on its body, which is a unique smartphone feature, which:

  • Makes it durable against light rain,
  • Protects the phone if you accidentally spill something on it
    Provides protection against splashing

Plus, the Moto model is customizable with almost 200 color combinations between the frame, front and back panels, as well as camera border. It is also lightweight.

Conclusions about the Better Smartphone

Upon analysis, Motorola Moto X Play wins out over Meizu MX5 as the better smartphone because of its supreme features, including longer-lasting battery and better camera combination. Should any damage occur to your Moto X Play, such as a cracked screen or speaker that won’t work, save money by getting wholesale and DIY Motorola parts from Injured Gadgets. The reputable supplier offers competitive prices on Motorola cell phone parts and ships orders within one day of purchase. Never settle for less than a top quality phone again!