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When you’re looking for wholesale replacement parts for smartphones, it’s not always an easy task. There are many suppliers today who offer wholesale replacement parts for smartphones, but it can be hard to decide where and who you should buy from; thankfully, there are some tips that will make the process of finding wholesale ZTE replacement phone parts and other replacement phone parts easier than ever.

Tip: Buy from specialty wholesale suppliers

Specialty wholesale suppliers who specialize in providing replacement smartphone parts are one of the best ways to get the best prices—and the best quality on replacement parts, whether they are wholesale ZTE replacement phone parts or parts for other brands and models.

Tip: Ask about loyal customer discounts

Some suppliers might even provide discounts if you routinely buy wholesale from them—it doesn’t hurt to ask, and you may end up with some type of discount for being a frequent and loyal customer.

Tip: Know what parts you actually need

One of the biggest mistakes that many repair and refurbish businesses make is not actually knowing what parts they need to fix certain phones. Research phone parts so you know what you actually need before you buy anything.


When you’re looking for an iPad, iPod, iPhone, Smartphone, Tablet repair shop, it can be easy to become overwhelmed! There are countless numbers of shops that offer smart phone and smart device repair and other services–how do you know which ones are the best of the best? If you’re looking for the very best iPad, iPod, iPhone, Smartphone, Tablet repair shop for your mobile devices, you should consider the following essential guide to finding the right shop for you and your needs.

Online or in person?

Should you find a shop that offers their services and products online, or visit a store in person? This really depends on you: if you can find an experienced, professional mobile device repair shop in your area and they have positive reviews from real customers, it may be worth it to stop in and check things out. However, you can also choose to use online shops, such as Injured Gadgets, an online shop which offers quality products and services from experienced professionals. Online shops are beneficial if you don’t have any physical stores in your area, or you simply want to be able to get everything done without leaving your house.

Do they offer guarantees?

A gadget repair shop with lifetime warranty and guarantee is not a certain thing: not every shop offers them! It’s best if you use a shop that does offer guarantees and warrantees; not only could this save you money in case the repair does not work out, it is a show that the company is willing to put their services to the test by ensuring you will not be left in the dark if something goes wrong. One popular gadget repair shop with lifetime warranty and guarantee offers is Injured Gadgets, a shop many people use due to their professional and high quality service.

When it comes to original and high quality cell phone parts and repair tools kit, Injured Gadgets is the leading online USA store for a wide variety of repair tool products.

For the best in iPhone, Samsung, HTC and other listed cell phone repair tools and replacement parts, you can get the highest quality at very affordable pricing.

Cell phones are very important devices and while these are also fragile products, it takes good wisdom to be able to take appropriate care of them.

Accidents and incidents may occur leading to screen damages, speaker getting damaged amongst other parts. While such could pose challenges, it doesn’t make sense to discard the entire phone and go shopping for a brand new one. All that would be required is to spend a little to buy back the exact parts that have been impaired and make the replacement.

At Injured Gadgets, you can get all brand and model of original iPhone screens, HTC screens, Samsung screens, speakers and various other accessories at very reasonable prices and these are guaranteed to be shipped immediately an order is acknowledged.

Injured Gadgets have been supplying phone end-users and distributors the best of cell phone parts for many years now and has built up a reputation and integrity for delivering 100% high quality goods at competitive cost.

When you buy a cell phone repair part and tool kit, you will actually be doing your phone a great benefit as you are sure that you are providing such device the ultimate and accurate part that will help it to last long.

Why spend so much money trying to completely replace your phone when Injured Gadgets mobile phone spare parts can give your current cell phone a new lease of life?

Injured Gadgets is a leading Wholesale Gadget Parts Supplier and has been in the business of supplying end-users and distributors – the best of mobile phone replacement parts for many years; and has never failed ones to prove it is the best supplier in the industry. So if you seek iPhone, iPad, Samsung Parts Wholesaler USA, you are on the right deal with Injured Gadgets.

Buying mobile phone spare parts for repairs or replacement can be tricky as most parts are second-rate and could cause more damages to your highly valued mobile device – whether it’s an iPhone, iPad or Samsung or any other. Several online stores wouldn’t care in as much as they are making their gains and ripping innocent people off. But then – how can someone know he is buying the right mobile device spare parts?

The only way to save oneself from buying wrong parts or falling prey to such self-centered suppliers – is to buy from a trusted source. Injured Gadgets is USA most trusted and dependable iPhone, iPad and Samsung Parts Wholesaler, and supplier of top quality repair or replacement parts at very affordable prices.

You don’t have to spend a new set of hundreds or thousands of dollars to replace an iPhone simply because the screen got damaged. You can wisely order for same high quality iPhone screen and restore your phone back to original condition. This also applies to every other mobile device such as HTC, Samsung, iPad, etc. Start shopping for your top quality affordable mobile phone replacement parts now at Injured Gadgets and save more for other important things!

When your smartphone, tablet, iPad, iPod, or iPhone is acting strange, your heart drops. You think about the hassle of having to get it fixed, whether the problem is a cracked LCD screen, a battery that won’t charge, or something else. Immediately you go online to give the best smartphone and tablet repair shop. But what are you looking for in the “best” shop? You should be looking for one thing in particular: a gadget repair shop with a lifetime warranty and guarantee.

Why a Lifetime Warranty and Guarantee is Important

When you choose a gadget repair shop with a lifetime warranty and guarantee, you will feel more comfortable doing business with the business. They are providing you coverage should anything go sideways but are more importantly telling you that they back what they sell.

Injured Gadgets, wholesale supplier offers a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects, as well as a seamless RMA process. Have assurance that each part purchased online through the shop has this warranty and guarantee included.

Other Qualities to Look for in a Gadget Repair Shops

While the iPad, iPod, iPhone, smartphone, and tablet repair shop’s guarantee and warranty are the top quality to look for when you want to DIY repair your mobile device, there are secondary things to consider too. For example, choose a gadget shop that is within your budget. Injured Gadgets offers affordable prices on the best parts available for a range of devices from top names like

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Samsung
  • Nokia
  • HTC
  • LG and More!

Get the largest inventory of products conveniently in one place too when you buy your gadget repair parts through Injured Gadgets. Just use the one platform to find the exact accessories for your mobile device, whether you buy in bulk or just one time. It’s a one-stop shop for your DIY or technician needs!

Reviews of the HTC Inspire 4G have been covered online now for about five years abut they never get old to the users of this particular smartphone. These users continue to replace HTC phone parts and accessories through affordable wholesalers like Injured Gadgets. This particular phone is a beloved choice because of its many quality features, including:

  • Thin
  • Well designed
  • Big screen

Thin Smartphone

The HTC Inspire 4G was designed to be thin, and this is a feature that consumers continue to like today. The strategy has been a success for many phone manufacturers. The thinness helps make for a lightweight phone that is not clunky to carry around. A thin phone can fit more easily into a purse or pocket than a thicker model.

Well Designed

This is a phone that functions well because of its carefully thought out design. It is solid and durable, while still being lightweight. Overall it has a great design, although it has been criticized for being lackluster. Of course, we would rather have a phone that carries out its functions well rather than one that has all the bling but isn’t performing optimally.

A Big Screen

If you want to see more of the videos on YouTube or another video platform, you can do so with the HTC Inspire 4G’s 4.3inch screen. It is big, and you’ll know you’re holding it when it’s in your hand. Get the screen that shows you everything without having to squint at it like with some newer phones.

But, if you should drop the HTC smartphone, you risk breaking the screen or damaging it in another way. Thankfully, you can repair the HTC phone cracked screen and parts online easily with Injured Gadgets at low prices for your Inspire 4G. The wholesale supplier also carries other HTC models, including the Sensation, One V, Incredible, First, Evo 3D, and Vivid 4G.

There are few things more frustrating than when the battery on your smartphone dies. You may think your HTC One X is dead but here’s the real truth. Yes, you can replace the battery and here are tips to do so successfully.

HTC Replacement Parts

Thankfully, there are HTC phone repair parts for the One X and other models of the phone available online from wholesalers such as Injured Gadgets. This particular vendor offers HTC replacement parts not only for the One X but also for the:

  • Amaze 4G
  • Aria
  • Incredible (Original, 2, 4G LTE)
  • MyTouch (3G, 4G, 4G Slide)
  • Thunderbolt 4G
  • Windows 8X
  • And more

From replacing the smartphone battery to any other HTC phone repair parts you need, like a new screen, you can find it at affordable prices at Injured Gadgets.

Replacing Your HTC One X Battery

When you open the case of your HTC or another type of smartphone, always know that you are voiding the manufacturer warranty by doing so. While the battery replacement for the One X is possible, it is a complex procedure, and we suggest you check the Injured Gadgets repair guides and use the proper tools for the process, which the wholesaler also sells at low prices.

Also, to get the internal battery, you will have to peel off the insulated compound first. The battery replacement can be done via DIY but take your time and follow reputable guides for each step.

Unfortunately, the HTC One X has been criticized for having a spotty battery life, with some users’ phones overheating and the batteries draining quickly from the mobile devices. The problem traces back to the Tegra 3 chip, which manages the power source. But, rather than buying a whole new phone, you can save money (as well as time and energy) by just replacing the battery in it.