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When it comes to purchasing wholesale the high quality mobile phones repair tools, there are many things that you need to take into consideration. For instance, are you going to purchase a cell phone repair kit best buy? Or a repair kit for a different mobile device? When you’re preparing to purchase your next wholesale the high quality mobile phones repair tools, consider the following 3 things that you definitely need to know.

#1: Not all repair kits are the same

There are actually countless types of repair kits available out there today. In addition to general cell phone repair kit best buy, repair kits are sometimes tailored to specific types of devices (such as cell phones, tablets, and so on). They are even kits designed for specific brands or models of mobile phone or device.

#2: You’ll probably need an additional tool kit

Regardless of what type of phone you’re going to repair, you will probably need to purchase an additional tool kit so that you have everything you might possibly need on hand when you begin your repair. The tool kits that you should consider purchasing are a precision knife tool kit, which will provide you with various knife blades that are very handy when it comes to repairing cell phones and mobile devices; as well as a pair of repair-oriented tweezers with a very fine, curved tip.

#3: You can find great wholesale prices online

The best prices for repair kits are wholesale prices, which are often offered by online retailers who specialize in selling replacement and repair parts for cell phones and other types of mobile devices. Wholesale prices will ensure you’re paying less for the same quality repair parts and kits that you would be purchasing elsewhere.


The iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit, along with the iFixit Pro Tech Screwdriver Set, are two of the most popular tool kits related to fixing the iPhone. These kits are designed to provide you with the specialized necessary tools you’ll need to do most types of iPhone repairs, particularly repairs necessary for professionals who repair iPhones or people with the skill level to do higher level iPhone repairs on their own. If you still haven’t purchased the iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit or the iFixit Pro Screwdriver Set, consider the following compelling reasons why you should add it to your repertoire.

It’s a kit that the professionals use

If you need iPhone repair tools for your mobile device repair service, this is the kit to buy—it’s the kit that professionals use, and contains all of the professional tools necessary to do most types of higher level iPhone repairs and services.

It all comes together—and stays together

You won’t need to go hunting for little pieces or odds and ends in your toolbox when you purchase either of these kits; instead, everything will be kept together in the set, ensuring that you know where everything is when you need it.

It’s more affordable than buying individual tools

You could probably find many of the tools offered in these kits for sale individually, but you would be paying more money by buying teach tool separately than you would by simply buying the kit as a whole. With the kit, you’ll save both time and money.

When it comes to original and high quality cell phone parts and repair tools kit, Injured Gadgets is the leading online USA store for a wide variety of repair tool products.

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Cell phones are very important devices and while these are also fragile products, it takes good wisdom to be able to take appropriate care of them.

Accidents and incidents may occur leading to screen damages, speaker getting damaged amongst other parts. While such could pose challenges, it doesn’t make sense to discard the entire phone and go shopping for a brand new one. All that would be required is to spend a little to buy back the exact parts that have been impaired and make the replacement.

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When you buy a cell phone repair part and tool kit, you will actually be doing your phone a great benefit as you are sure that you are providing such device the ultimate and accurate part that will help it to last long.

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Buying mobile phone spare parts for repairs or replacement can be tricky as most parts are second-rate and could cause more damages to your highly valued mobile device – whether it’s an iPhone, iPad or Samsung or any other. Several online stores wouldn’t care in as much as they are making their gains and ripping innocent people off. But then – how can someone know he is buying the right mobile device spare parts?

The only way to save oneself from buying wrong parts or falling prey to such self-centered suppliers – is to buy from a trusted source. Injured Gadgets is USA most trusted and dependable iPhone, iPad and Samsung Parts Wholesaler, and supplier of top quality repair or replacement parts at very affordable prices.

You don’t have to spend a new set of hundreds or thousands of dollars to replace an iPhone simply because the screen got damaged. You can wisely order for same high quality iPhone screen and restore your phone back to original condition. This also applies to every other mobile device such as HTC, Samsung, iPad, etc. Start shopping for your top quality affordable mobile phone replacement parts now at Injured Gadgets and save more for other important things!

When your smartphone, tablet, iPad, iPod, or iPhone is acting strange, your heart drops. You think about the hassle of having to get it fixed, whether the problem is a cracked LCD screen, a battery that won’t charge, or something else. Immediately you go online to give the best smartphone and tablet repair shop. But what are you looking for in the “best” shop? You should be looking for one thing in particular: a gadget repair shop with a lifetime warranty and guarantee.

Why a Lifetime Warranty and Guarantee is Important

When you choose a gadget repair shop with a lifetime warranty and guarantee, you will feel more comfortable doing business with the business. They are providing you coverage should anything go sideways but are more importantly telling you that they back what they sell.

Injured Gadgets, wholesale supplier offers a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects, as well as a seamless RMA process. Have assurance that each part purchased online through the shop has this warranty and guarantee included.

Other Qualities to Look for in a Gadget Repair Shops

While the iPad, iPod, iPhone, smartphone, and tablet repair shop’s guarantee and warranty are the top quality to look for when you want to DIY repair your mobile device, there are secondary things to consider too. For example, choose a gadget shop that is within your budget. Injured Gadgets offers affordable prices on the best parts available for a range of devices from top names like

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Samsung
  • Nokia
  • HTC
  • LG and More!

Get the largest inventory of products conveniently in one place too when you buy your gadget repair parts through Injured Gadgets. Just use the one platform to find the exact accessories for your mobile device, whether you buy in bulk or just one time. It’s a one-stop shop for your DIY or technician needs!

When you want to repair your smartphone or laptop, you can depend on professional tool kits and repair tools like the iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit and iFixit Pro Tech Screwdriver Set. These kits will tear down the devices safely so you can fix the issues and get them working as good as new again.

Contents of the iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit


This kit, available inexpensively through Injured Gadgets, contains:

  • 54-bit driver kit – all bits you need for your small device repair
  • 2 plastic opening tools
  • Tweezer set – the tweezers are proven to work precisely
  • Knife – Tech knife for cutting and scraping
  • Suction cup – Holds onto small things for precise movements
  • Wrist strap – Anti-static for your protection
  • Spudger set – prying and poking tools, made of metal
  • 6” metal ruler
  • Cloth roll – holds the iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit to protect it

Why Use the iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit?

This toolkit is one of many available at Injured Gadget, along with the iFixit Pro Tech Screwdriver Set. It provides you the opportunity to fix electronics, with the convenience of being mobile to go easily with you. When you use the right tools for the job, you are less likely to make the issue, such as a cracked screen or broken speakers, worse. You will also find your movements are seamless and efficient.

The pro kits are already assembled for you, so you have all the tools you need for your next smartphone or tablet repair job. For example, the iFixit Pro Tech Screwdriver Set includes 15 drivers that have high-quality SVCM steel shafts with rubberized handles, as well as spinning caps. The screwdrivers are corrosion resistance and the kit bundles together in a custom-designed tool roll into a small portable bundle.

Get affordable replacement parts and tools when you choose Injured Gadgets, which proudly partners with iFixit.