Even to this day, Nokia is perhaps the most widely used cell phone brand in the world. Though the company was bought by Microsoft that produces their Lumia brand equipped with Windows phone operating system, Nokia has left a huge legacy and hundreds of models that users still love to buy.

Moreover, we may not see a more universally accepted cellphone brand in many years. There is a background to this, Nokia phones are still running hot in the market. If you are Nokia phone user, you are among millions of other users who love their Nokia phones. However, since the company is no longer selling phones, finding the right supplier for your phone’s equipment and accessories can become a daunting task at times. Here is what you need to do:

Choose a Reputable Supplier

Since the parent company is no longer in business, finding the right repair parts for your Nokia can be difficult. There are many suppliers who are providing different parts and accessories to Nokia customers. However, given that there is no check and balance on them, as the company sold its business, there is always the risk of faulty parts. In fact, most suppliers are either making substandard parts on their own or sourcing them from other countries. Suffice to say that these parts don’t have the quality and reliability of the original. Using these parts may cause your phone to malfunction or even die. This is why; using high quality parts made by Injured Gadgets is the safest buy for your phone. Not only do they manufacture their own parts under tight quality control process, they are among very few vendors whose parts have passed quality and reliability tests. Choosing parts, accessories and battery mean that your Nokia phone is in safe hands and will serve you well for years to come.

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Cell phones are very important devices and while these are also fragile products, it takes good wisdom to be able to take appropriate care of them.

Accidents and incidents may occur leading to screen damages, speaker getting damaged amongst other parts. While such could pose challenges, it doesn’t make sense to discard the entire phone and go shopping for a brand new one. All that would be required is to spend a little to buy back the exact parts that have been impaired and make the replacement.

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When your smartphone, tablet, iPad, iPod, or iPhone is acting strange, your heart drops. You think about the hassle of having to get it fixed, whether the problem is a cracked LCD screen, a battery that won’t charge, or something else. Immediately you go online to give the best smartphone and tablet repair shop. But what are you looking for in the “best” shop? You should be looking for one thing in particular: a gadget repair shop with a lifetime warranty and guarantee.

Why a Lifetime Warranty and Guarantee is Important

When you choose a gadget repair shop with a lifetime warranty and guarantee, you will feel more comfortable doing business with the business. They are providing you coverage should anything go sideways but are more importantly telling you that they back what they sell.

Injured Gadgets, wholesale supplier offers a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects, as well as a seamless RMA process. Have assurance that each part purchased online through the shop has this warranty and guarantee included.

Other Qualities to Look for in a Gadget Repair Shops

While the iPad, iPod, iPhone, smartphone, and tablet repair shop’s guarantee and warranty are the top quality to look for when you want to DIY repair your mobile device, there are secondary things to consider too. For example, choose a gadget shop that is within your budget. Injured Gadgets offers affordable prices on the best parts available for a range of devices from top names like

  • iPhone
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  • HTC
  • LG and More!

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Reviews of the HTC Inspire 4G have been covered online now for about five years abut they never get old to the users of this particular smartphone. These users continue to replace HTC phone parts and accessories through affordable wholesalers like Injured Gadgets. This particular phone is a beloved choice because of its many quality features, including:

  • Thin
  • Well designed
  • Big screen

Thin Smartphone

The HTC Inspire 4G was designed to be thin, and this is a feature that consumers continue to like today. The strategy has been a success for many phone manufacturers. The thinness helps make for a lightweight phone that is not clunky to carry around. A thin phone can fit more easily into a purse or pocket than a thicker model.

Well Designed

This is a phone that functions well because of its carefully thought out design. It is solid and durable, while still being lightweight. Overall it has a great design, although it has been criticized for being lackluster. Of course, we would rather have a phone that carries out its functions well rather than one that has all the bling but isn’t performing optimally.

A Big Screen

If you want to see more of the videos on YouTube or another video platform, you can do so with the HTC Inspire 4G’s 4.3inch screen. It is big, and you’ll know you’re holding it when it’s in your hand. Get the screen that shows you everything without having to squint at it like with some newer phones.

But, if you should drop the HTC smartphone, you risk breaking the screen or damaging it in another way. Thankfully, you can repair the HTC phone cracked screen and parts online easily with Injured Gadgets at low prices for your Inspire 4G. The wholesale supplier also carries other HTC models, including the Sensation, One V, Incredible, First, Evo 3D, and Vivid 4G.

Are you wondering which one is better, the Motorola Moto X Play or Meizu MX5? We finally put the two smartphones to the test here by comparing their specs and features. Read on to find out which one won the battle.

Processor and RAM Comparison

The two smartphones are similar in terms of their processors. They are both respectable, which means that both phones have decent performance. As for RAM, Meizu MX5 has more RAM than does the Motorola cell phone parts. Having more RAM gives you a better experience for web searches and playing games.

Camera Comparisons

Both Motorola Moto X Play and Meizu MX5 have front and back cameras, but obviously, all cameras are not made the same. The rear cameras differ, with the Meizu one falling short of the Moto X Play model. Regarding front cameras, they are quite similar.

Other Details Between the Phones

In looking at the battery life of the two smartphones, we noted that Motorola’s phone has a longer lasting capacity than does Meizu. The advantage of a longer life between charges is that the phone will last longer on the go.

Also, the Moto X Play offers a water-repellent nanocoating on its body, which is a unique smartphone feature, which:

  • Makes it durable against light rain,
  • Protects the phone if you accidentally spill something on it
    Provides protection against splashing

Plus, the Moto model is customizable with almost 200 color combinations between the frame, front and back panels, as well as camera border. It is also lightweight.

Conclusions about the Better Smartphone

Upon analysis, Motorola Moto X Play wins out over Meizu MX5 as the better smartphone because of its supreme features, including longer-lasting battery and better camera combination. Should any damage occur to your Moto X Play, such as a cracked screen or speaker that won’t work, save money by getting wholesale and DIY Motorola parts from Injured Gadgets. The reputable supplier offers competitive prices on Motorola cell phone parts and ships orders within one day of purchase. Never settle for less than a top quality phone again!